Your Package Is Important To Us

Your PACKAGE is important to Us!

Your purchase is important to both YOU and US! 

We are: 

  • Still processing orders and shipping them within our usual timeline!
  • Still open and in business!
  • Still releasing new products!
  • Still making customers smile!
  • Still having a great time! 
  • Still love that you are shopping small!


SOME Delays are occurring: 

Due to COVID-19 and it's impact on many shipping services, some packages are taking longer than usual to arrive. Again, we are still processing them on the normal timeline but the timeline of them shipping to you may be a little longer than usual. All the carriers are experiencing delays. 

HOPE! 95% of our customers are getting their packages in a normal timeline. 5% are seeing packages delivered 1-2 weeks later than what is "normal".

ASK! Watch that tracking. Some packages are saying delivered but not actually showing up until a few days later or even a week later. And sometimes at their neighbors house too. We ask that you give an extra 1-2 weeks for your packages to arrive. 

We SOOOO appreciate your patience! 

Shop early!!! ***** Because of POSSIBLE shipping delays we highly encourage you to SHOP early and do not wait to the last minute for gifts that you need! 

We love that you shop small! We love that you are here! We are doing what we can to get you the products you love! 

Elbow bump (because we can't shake hands, hug or high five anymore)